Jem Peel MSc

Jem is a Leadership & Organisational Development expert, delivering innovative solutions across a range of sectors and industries – including Financial Services, Not-for-profit and Health & Social Care. He combines deep organisational insight - born of experience as a senior leader and change-sponsor in his own right - with strong technical knowledge and capability.

Jem partners with organisations to develop capability, adaptability and impact in leaders, groups and organisations. He is passionate about helping leaders to confront traditional (‘mechanical’) notions about ‘organisations’ and ‘leadership’, in order to increase their agency and instrumentality within complex organisational systems. Accordingly, his approach is grounded in the phenomenology of organisations – focusing on ‘sense-making’, reflexivity and emergence.

Leadership Development

Jem’s Leadership Development practice is founded on principles of Self Managed Learning (where the learner is supported to make decisions about what, why, how, where and when they learn) - and emphasises self-analysis, evaluation and ‘feedback’ as the impetus for continuous personal and interpersonal development.

He works as a Coach, Mentor, Facilitator and Presenter to develop critical thinking, self-knowledge, and organisational insight, in leaders, teams and Boards:

  • What’s it like being me?
  • What’s it like being on the receiving end of me?
  • How is this organisation different because of me – and how am I different because of it?

Working closely with both learners and stakeholders, Jem ensures that individual and/or group development needs are carefully aligned with organisational imperatives. His leadership and team development interventions therefore contribute to the wider organisational development strategy.

Organisational Development

Jem draws upon an extensive knowledge and experience of organisational transformation, strategy, culture change, post-merger-integration, group-dynamics, organisation-design, talent and performance development systems. His approach is founded upon the ‘New Sciences’ - a recognition that organisations behave as complex adaptive systems.

Accordingly, Jem supports clients to take an enquiring and participative approach to their change-agenda - using a range of collaborative-enquiry methods (e.g. Open Space, World Cafe, etc) to enrich dialogue, explore difference, raise awareness of unconscious bias, agitate the status-quo, harness collective ingenuity and reconcile novel technical solutions with the organisation’s ‘social system’ (i.e. organisational culture and climate).

Graphic Recording

Jem combines his artistic talents, lateral-thought and humour to create, in real time, unique and insightful ‘graphic recordings’ of emergent social processes or narratives; which powerfully support and enable enrolment, sense-making, co-creation and change.