Our Approach

  • Organisations are best understood as complex social systems, meaning that traditional 'rational' top-down management practices don't really work - or at least, they don't work for very long. Our approach to organisational change and development involves tuning-in to and working with the organisation's co-constructive processes, by means of inquiry and experimentation.
  • 'Leadership' is not in or done by people, it is an outcome of interactions between people and ideas resulting in 'change' - e.g. fresh insight, new connections and novel solutions. In this sense, anybody - irrespective of their job title - can lead. Accordingly, we develop 'leaders' to stimulate and support creative interactions; to discover and articulate crucial questions; and to identify and remove obstacles to inclusion, experimentation and learning from failure.
  • 'Learning' is synonymous with 'change' - it's about shifting from a 'steady state', to a state of 'readiness'. It can be at once personal, interpersonal and group or organisation-wide. Accordingly, out approach to learning mirrors our approach to change. Indeed, we don't distinguish between 'personal development' and 'organisational development', or 'change' - it's all part of the same overall endeavour.