Our Approach

  • Organisations are social-technical systems. Both parts deserving of equal consideration. We'll work alongside you to design and implement solutions which jointly-optimise the 'people & culture' and 'structural & technical' parts of your organisational system.

  • Anybody could be a leader (it needn't be the preserve of people in the 'top jobs'). Indeed. organisations that encourage criticality and decision making at all levels of the organisation tend to be more responsive and resilient to external shocks. We'll work with you to develop structures, people and processes that enable critical-thinking and collaboration throughout your operation. 

  • Different organisational problems require different leadership approaches and paradigms. Effective leaders are capable of distinguishing between simple problems (where there is obvious causality and a high degree of predictability) and complex problems. We'll work with your people to develop their sense-making skills, and the ability to flex their approach according to diverse problems and situations.  
  • 'Learning' is synonymous with 'change'. Or, to put it another way, learning hasn't really occurred unless it's applied and evaluated. Whether it's a personal, team or organisational learning intervention, we'll work alongside you to move beyond 'ideas' and into the work of measurable and sustainable improvement.

"In practice refining our instrumentality means dedicating time to the on-going maintenance of both self-knowledge and technical expertise." ~ Mee-Yan Cheung-Judge (2001) 'The Self as an Instrument - A Cornerstone for the Future of OD'