Yinka Kuye

Yinka is a highly experienced and accomplished leader in the field of pharmacy and workforce development, with extensive experience in organisational development and leader development, Yinka has made significant contributions to the development of teams, and the optimisation of healthcare delivery.

Yinka's professional journey spans over two decades in the healthcare sector. Yinka has led on the strategic planning and implementation of initiatives aimed at transforming pharmacy practice and enhancing the skills and capabilities of pharmacy professionals, promoting continuous learning, professional growth, and excellence in patient care.

Yinka's expertise in organisational development is evident in her ability to design and deliver comprehensive training frameworks that improve operational efficiency and clinical outcomes. She has a proven track record of implementing successful change management strategies, facilitating inter-professional collaboration, cross-system working and driving improvements in service delivery across various healthcare settings.

Yinka holds a Pharmacy degree (B.Sc.) from the University of Portsmouth and has recently completed her PGCert in Clinical Education at the University of Leeds. Additionally, she is also a qualified MBTI practitioner and Coach.