Board Development 

As no two boards are the same, we tailor our board development solutions to your specific circumstances and development needs. Accordingly, our approach includes a triangulated analysis of the board based on the following five key elements of effectiveness:

  1. Composition, structure and leadership 
  2. Mission clarity
  3. Information architecture 
  4. Structures and processes
  5. Group dynamics and governance culture

We use interviews, board observation and surveys to build a picture of board strengths and development areas, and then explore the themes with board members in order to agree board development priorities, plans and responsibilities. 

The shape and extent of our work will be agreed by you. However, we find an ongoing board-coaching relationship to be effective in sustaining board learning and development.

Team Development

As with Boards, no two teams are the same, so we'll take the time to understand the particular goals and circumstance of your team before recommending a focus and approach.

Our team development needs analysis draws upon Katzenbach and Smith's seminal work 'The Wisdom of Teams' (1993), which states that a "real team" must possess the following three elements:

  1. Mutual accountability 
  2. Commitment to an agreed purpose
  3. Skills and capabilities for the task in hand 

We'll work closely with you throughout the analysis, design and delivery stages. And we'll continue to work with you in evaluating the impact of our work with your team and subsequent learning and insight.

“A wise board accumulates rational wisdom, embraces unconventional wisdom and sharpens system wisdom.” ~ Pearl Zhu (2016), Digitising Boardroom: The Multifaceted Aspects of Digital Ready Boards